me in garden final0000Hello and welcome to our blog. we’re really glad you’re here! Although there are two of of us (my self and my partner Kurt) in and DIYattic, I’m the primary blogger for our team. My name is Don Gilmartin and I started this blog because I wanted to bring our world of DIY, building, construction and design to bloggers who have the same passion we do. We’ve done just about everything you can possibly think of from flip to build ground up to store and dental office build outs. Each creative project build creates an opportunity to share many of our design oriented DIY projects we work on daily.

With over 20 years of experience, we have loads of practical advice, information and stories to tell which you can learn from. The fun part of what we do is that it never feels like work. Kurt and I have a blast working together and completely enjoy the challenge of designing and building projects with our crews. As you’ll see, we design everything from the beginning to end landscape to the entire interior of anything from commercial buildings to residential yards, patios, kitchens, baths and bedrooms…you name it, we do it all.


As licensed contractors, we focus heavily on design in all our projects. However, my second favorite passion is landscaping. You’ll soon see I share project mishaps with things like  gophers and or bee hives and even some of the the pranks the crew and I play on the job.

We also fully stage and theme many of our projects. With my start 30 years ago working in the entertainment industry at Warner Bros. Universal and Paramount Pictures, I soon met Kurt and we started producing events and building together. Those years gave us the resources to do more than the average contractors allowing us to integrate really creative visual techniques directly into our projects even before faux surfaces were popular. We busted down walls and popped in windows and skylights in places no one would ever think of to add tons of natural light where light didn’t exist.

My personal design and flipping story actually begins during my summers as a pre-teen cursing around my neighborhood on my bike with my brother and buddies every Wednesday night doing what we called “hunting” a fancy word for digging in the trash…Looking back, I think I was pioneering the DIY era…to read a little more on my beginnings check out “it all started with a clubhouse”

lisa and me0000

A little about me personally, I’m crazy in love with my high school sweet heart Lisa and wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She is the inspiration for this blog and makes me feel like the day I met her…with her, my kids are my pride and joy and what I live for. My two boys Nick and Alec are buried in collage life and becoming future professionals. My youngest is “the baby” Mia. At 17, doesn’t stand a chance with a dad and two brothers as book ends. She’s starting to drive…Look out world!


Lastly there’s Phil, he’s the furriest one in the group. He’s our Flat Coat Retriever mix . Living with Phil, is like living with a Looney Tunes cartoon character, he keeps us in stitches.

For fun, I like working (kind of a work-aholic), but when I’m not, I’m a fitness nut. I start my day at 4am. I’m into boxing, and swimming. I’m also crazy about Formula One racing, exotic cars and insanely fast boats.phil0000

Professionally, I am a licensed broker and both Kurt and myself are licensed general contractors. We video and post everything we can and generally like helping people learn from what I do. All that said, we hope this blog is both entertaining and helpful. I hope you enjoy and interact with me on my continued journey. I welcome all kinds of comments and questions, so please subscribe so I can keep you updated. I promise, you’ll learn lots and have a laugh or two doing it with me.

Drop us a line, we like hearing from you!

all the best!


This post is written by (me) Don Gilmartin in order to inspire the DIY, design & construction with over 20 years of design, construction, and real estate, experience to share

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