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    Good Kitchen Cabinets Design

    Good Kitchen Cabinets Design Good Kitchen Cabinets Design can mean many things to many people but for me, flipping it actually means I’m on the prowl for the best way to create dynamic kitchen transformations without spending dynamic money….I have two projects in two different cities that were secretly inter-twined to each other due to

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    Modern Design from an Ugly Bar

    Modern Design! That’s what screamed at me when I walked into the Midsite property, so many areas had DIY written all over it, the potential was overwhelming.  I really didn’t know where to start. Once my purchase escrow was closed, I prioritized what a buyer would see when they first walked into the house. Just

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    Mobile Home 149, The Coolest Transformation

    Mobile home yard transformations can run the gamut when it comes to transformations because they are small tight contained spaces. Money well spent on these small areas can totally blow away your buyers because the cost expense for the area is so minimal. Unlike a home on a typical lot (here in California where tract

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  • Home Design Begins at the Front Door

    Home design begins at the front door because the front door is the first place to express the initial theme or idea of your design. While flipping property is itself a business, the same rules apply in a personal home as they do in flipping. Because a flipped home will eventually be lived in, design

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    Potted Garden Ideas Perfectly Placed

    No matter how far back I think, there hasn’t been one makeover I can remember where I didn’t include in the design, some form of potted garden ideas. Without a doubt, my projects just wouldn’t be mine if I didn’t add my signature potted garden color somewhere in the yard patio or porch. For me,

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    Pot Shelf Decorating Ideas… “just frame it”

    Pot shelf decorating ideas in my world are what I call the curb appeal ” jump”. Why? Because, done correctly, window pot shelves make the front of any house makeover totally and completely transform. This might sound crazy, but think of all the village windows you might see if you stroll along quaint cobblestone streets

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    #9 Square Feet Can Be Different

    Square feet can be different, aaaahhh… the Del Norte Project…how about we just forget this one? This is when selective amnesia comes in very handy…What a pain in the neck this one was. But there is a good lesson here for anyone designing or flipping real estate. No matter what you’re following this blog for, this

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    Shutter Perfection

    Nothing creates the charm and character on a rehabbed home like adding shutters and never have there been so many great ways to create them.   The big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes have exploded with choices and styles within the last few years. Shutters have become the staple of exterior rehabbers and designers.

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