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Good Kitchen Cabinets Design

Good Kitchen Cabinets Design

Good Kitchen Cabinets Design can mean many things to many people but for me, flipping it actually means I’m on the prowl for the best way to create dynamic kitchen transformations without spending dynamic money….I have two projects in two different cities that were secretly inter-twined to each other due to their kitchen makeovers.

My Buena Vista project had a ridiculously old kitchen. The house was built in the late 50’s with soffitts above the cabinets. My Clay Street project was a small bungalow built in the 1920’s with a very low ceiling and a tiny kitchen space. So follow me on this one, it gets a little complicated…

I admit, a typical investor with a lack of imagination might not be able to achieve what I did with this house, as it  it takes a significant amount of design power that the average flipper might not have. I also know that the average flipper might have gutted both kitchens and purchased new cabinets, spending some serious cash as well. I however, was motivated to do something totally unique with these two kitchens on a minimal budget.

The Buena Vista project (called BV) had very old original cabinets. But upon closer inspection, their condition was not all that bad, given their age…these pictures really do them in, but I saw beyond the surface.

buena vista, kitchen, remodel

The Clay cabinets were a total loss… but with a little design know how and a little more imagination, the BV cabinets could do the trick for the Clay street project especially with the benefit of a new kitchen layout.

clay, refinished, cabinets, san bernardino

Now what to do with those BV cabinets once they go into Clay…Enter the “Restore Center” originally known as “Habitat For Humanity”. What a fantastic resource for anything home. People tear out perfectly good,complete kitchens and donate them to “Restore” who sells them cheap…who wins, I do (and so can you)

restore, kitchen, cabinets

Ultimately both kitchens were painted white. Bead- board back splashes and fill in panels were glued on where needed. Duplicate granite was installed and since all the materials expenses were shared I totally scored and went way ahead in look, value, design and most importantly profit. Both kitchens turned out fantastic and it created a total win-win situation especially knowing “Restore” was involved.

Even better, I caught the ”Restore” location on ” appliances close-out day” and picked up totally reconditioned appliances, in great shape. for just $5 per appliance…Who would think I could have owned a Sub Zero built- in fridge for only $5?…Not me…But I did…story to come!


This post is written by (me) Don Gilmartin in order to inspire the DIY, design & flipping community. As CEO and founder of Fliptechs I have over 20 years of design, construction, and real estate, experience to share.

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  1. Don Gilmartin -  February 1, 2014 - 6:43 pm

    Thanks for your comment Quinton…I will keep all kinds of material coming and always like comments and feed back…in the mean time you can always visit my YouTube channel for all the other projects posts and updates which have not yet been posted to the blog!
    Thanks again for the support!


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