Pot Shelf Decorating Ideas… “just frame it”

Pot shelf decorating ideas in my world are what I call the curb appeal ” jump”. Why? Because, done correctly, window pot shelves make the front of any house makeover totally and completely transform.

This might sound crazy, but think of all the village windows you might see if you stroll along quaint cobblestone streets in a small little town anywhere in Europe…I know, it maybe a stretch trying to compare your own home to a village in Europe. But the idea is still the same. It’s all about the charm and character you can create starting with easy to create pot shelves.

pot shelf decorating ideas, home decor, flipping, exterior design

I use them on nearly every home I rehab because I can dress them with anything from small yard art or statuary to full blown window boxes. In many homes, I purchase (faux-clay) plastic pots and saucers from Home Depot garden centers. Once the boxes are made and attached to the window, I paint them and drill screws through the bottom before they are filled so wind, rain or gardeners don’t knock them over. I use ordinary expandable insulation foam to fill the pot, and then place any sort of artificial silk plant material into the foam so when it dries they are just as sturdy as the pot.pot shelf decorating ideas, home decor, flipping, exterior designWhen it comes to choosing the silks or artificial material, I always purchase from and make sure the variety I use is the same as I can purchase live in a garden center. This way, it’s hard to distinguish the fakes from the real material in the yard.

pot shelf decorating ideas, home decor, flipping, exterior design

Notice in my pictures, I also frame the windows in wood and add shutters to make them look larger and pop out as well. All three elements are standard for my crew at this point because they are easy to make and create such curb appeal. Although I use all three elements together (shelves, frames and shutters), not every home requires them all. Just starting with pot shelves and silks will add a total transformation, and done well, who knows, it just may transport you back to that quaint little village in Europe.

This post is written by (me) Don Gilmartin in order to inspire the DIY, design & flipping community. As CEO and founder of Fliptechs I have over 20 years of design, construction, and real estate, experience to share.

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