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Mobile Home Makeover Transformation

Mobile Home makeover transformation? Just what comes to mind when you hear that opening line? For me, flipping and building so many years, it didn’t really make much sense. I didn’t know much about mobile homes, but I didn’t figure they were really candidates for makeovers. I was really wrong and here’s why.

I was approached in October of 2011 from a guy who said he had the perfect project for me to work on. When I asked what it was, he reminded me not to laugh and to make sure I knew he wasn’t joking. I assured him and then he said…”I have a mobile home makeover transformation I want you to do” . Short story…I saw the place, like any other home saw what I could do with it and 3 weeks later I was in there redesigning it and tearing it apart. It was located in space number 368 and so that’s what we named it. The nice thing about it was I actually enjoyed it because it was a small contained and manageable space which made it a lot easier to work in. The yard was smaller and it had a nice covered deck on the side, so it too was a great staging place for entertaining outside of the living room.

I tore down walls and rebuilt others where I wanted them. I built a new modern kitchen and baths. I put in larger windows, turned a few of into sliding doors and completely remodeled the bathrooms. As a special element, I built an artificial fireplace in the living room and hung a flat panel TV over it just as would be done in a traditional home. The yard was completely transformed to complete the overall picture. Over all it was a great place when it was done and sold in a flash.

This project had so many DIY stories we all can learn from…keep a watch for posts on this project…there was just so much to show you. In the meantime, check out my YouTube channel(link below) and visit my site at to scope out all the videos I shot related to this project. It was a blast. Let me know what you think.

  This post is written by (me) Don Gilmartin in order to inspire the DIY, design & flipping community. As CEO and founder of Fliptechs I have over 20 years of design, construction, and real estate, experience to share.







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