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The Clubhouse Where It All Started

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Ok..So when I look back, my flipping history really started as a pre-teen kid running around my neighborhood on bikes with my buddies every Wednesday night doing what we called “trash picking”. What that really meant was we’d ride around the night before the trash man came and picked anything in anyone’s trash we could

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Good Kitchen Cabinets Design

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Good Kitchen Cabinets Design Good Kitchen Cabinets Design can mean many things to many people but for me, flipping it actually means I’m on the prowl for the best way to create dynamic kitchen transformations without spending dynamic money….I have two projects in two different cities that were secretly inter-twined to each other due to

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The Garden the Outdoor Living Room and the DIY

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Every so often I get home that has a surprise element in it that eventually becomes the selling point that brought the buyer. The garden and the outdoor living room in the Buena Vista project was just one of those. Were just lucky the buyers never saw it before! Funny thing is, none of the

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Faux Fireplace Built Anywhere


Faux fireplace? So what images do you conjure up with a title like that? How can a fireplace be faux anyway? Faked out fire? Answer…creativity! Once in a while I purchase a home which needs a strong architectural element  either  inside or out. If the home lacks such an element, what do you do…if you’re

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Mobile Home Makeover Transformation

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Mobile Home makeover transformation? Just what comes to mind when you hear that opening line? For me, flipping and building so many years, it didn’t really make much sense. I didn’t know much about mobile homes, but I didn’t figure they were really candidates for makeovers. I was really wrong and here’s why. I was

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